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Simple Websites

If it feels like the perfect time to create your web presence, expand your internet visibility, and grow your business or community through social engagement, having a simple WordPress website is definitely a wise place to start.

Your website/blog is your “home,” your hub. While your WHY (your purpose) is your mental center point, your website is your physical center point. All roads lead back to your website. And if they don’t… they should!

Your website is where you are in control. You are the captain of your own ship. Social media networks on the other hand are not in your control. So when you make connections on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc., you’ll want to create a flow that leads folks back to your home—your website.

When readers or fans reach your website, make it clear what you’d like them to do. Do you want them to sign up for your email list? The answer is most definitely “yes.” When people raise their hand (sign up for your email list) to receive your communications—you’ll want to say thank you and over-deliver. It is a privilege to be able to drop your message into your subscribers’ email inbox day or night or anytime you like.

At Steinberger Business Consulting, simplicity is key. Ironically, in today’s noisy land of the blogosphere (the internet), simplicity is the queen who stands out from the crowd. Keep your home beautiful, uncluttered, and easy-to-navigate and your fans will come back for more. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have website you can be proud of. Keep it simple and grow your business organically.

SBC BBeautyA simply beautiful, clean, easy-to-navigate, and responsive WordPress website w/ social media integration.

The Baseline Beauty includes:

  • Consultation (90-minutes via phone, Skype, or email)
  • Web hosting set-up
  • Domain registration (or transfer if already purchased)
  • WordPress installation
  • Basic layout, content placement, and design
  • Setting up header image, site title, and description
  • Formatting and editing of your text up to 5 pages (ex. Home, About, Blog, Services, Contact).
  • Formatting and set-up up to 3 photos
  • Home page slider with up to 3 photos (optional)
  • Links to your social networks
  • Plugins to increase functionality, i.e. protect against spam and expand your text editor capabilities, and social sharing icons etc.

SBC Costs

$675. Turn around time 7-14 days.

Web hosting – approx. $80/year set up on an automatic payment.

**All content (text, photos) must be received from you within 6 weeks of start date.

Optional Costs:

  • Setting up and configuring your email subscriber list autoresponder using Aweber – $125 (one-time) + $19/month on auto payment + one-time purchase of premium WP plugin Optin Skin – $67
  • Website maintenance: $125/year; includes monthly check-ups and renewal of theme and plugin updates
  • WordPress or blogging training and additional work (see below)

Training & Consultation Packages:

8-hr pk: $695 (you save $305)
5-hr pk: $450 (you save $175)
3-hr pk: $295 (you save $80)
1 hour: $125
(packages must be completed within 8 weeks)

Sample websites:

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Deborah Yarock
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