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The One Thing You Need to Know to Start an Online Business

Everything starts with something—a first kiss, the small blue bike with training wheels, and the first sentence of a blog post.

Starting an online business (and for that matter, offline as well) begins with your purpose. This can also be considered your WHY. You see, in the words of Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” We’ll focus on those people—your audience—later in the post.

For now, back to you… Your purpose, your why underneath your why, and probably even beneath that is your riveting center-point that has plenty enough fuel to start your engine running. Embodying your purpose is your push start to maintaining enough gusto to sustain the stamina and momentum needed for online business success.

Start an online business

It’s much like reaching into the core of you—your heart and spirit’s passion—to birth a seed of inspiration that will creatively propel your new business or fabulous project idea. Your determination to share your important message will keep your flame burning through the ups and downs and all-arounds of online business-building.

So what is your “important message?” It’s not like you need to save the world, but you do need to create a product or service with the intention of helping others. Your solution matched with a population’s problem carries the potential of being your golden ticket to time freedom and waterfalls. Oh yeah, waterfalls in the backyard is my dream… not necessarily yours.

Ready to start your online business? Great. So what is it you love to do? You can also think about what you love to talk about, learn, or explore. What are you extremely curious about? If you are tapped into your intuition (and I hope you are), listen to the messages.

This is the absolute best place to begin to identify your direction… your calling. If you are not familiar with your intuition, if she is more like a distant cousin, it’s time to pull up a cushion, make yourself comfortable, take some deep breaths, and listen patiently.

Go for “love not like” and “stretch not recline.” Done right, with heart-effort, you’ll be doing enough reclining later in the game. If you have a vision that feels just out of reach, the one so close to your heart that fantasizing about it lifts you off to a hazy daydream of no return—that’s the one. That idea or curiosity is the spark of your fireworks, the seed of your bloom. That place… is exactly where you’ll want to start.

Your Audience Connects to Your Meaning

People are generally affected by inspiration, education, or entertainment. Wow them profoundly, teach them something extremely useful, or give them a big ‘ole distraction through humor or parade to offer relief from their own stuck-ness or lethargy.

Are you up for the task? Wow them, teach them, or get up on the table and dance. Whatever your pathway, be original, compassionate, and nonjudgmental.

Step out of the box of the mainstream voice and share what ________ means to you. Tell your readers (or potential readers) why you are driven. Speak to their struggles by identifying your own and paint their dream by stepping into yours. You do not need to be perfect; you need to be willing.

Willing to take off your mask (we all wear them), reveal your imperfections, and shine the light on truth and potentiality. In the spotlight of your authenticity, married with consistency and high-quality content—your audience will be running to meet you.

When you interact with people at a community get-together, business networking event, or online social media site, and they ask you what you do, reply with your WHY. It takes some practice to blueprint your purpose—your why underneath your why—but after all, practice is the seed of your success.

For example – I can tell you what I do by saying, “I’m a holistic health educator and writer. I’m the creator of the Reverse Diabetes Holistically Approach. I’m writing my first book…”

Or I can start with my purpose and say, “It’s my calling to help everyday people take back their health. To break through old myths and limiting beliefs about health and illness that have been injuring all of us for a very long time. Let’s put the power back into the hands of the people!”

From there I can gently move into what I do, “I’m a holistic health educator and writer. I’m the creator of…” Do you feel the difference in the approach? Your fans/clients-to-be/peers will feel it too.

Start building your business from the inside and your foundation will be strong and mighty. The logistics, tools, and how-to will come at the perfect time. Don’t let technology get in the way of your success because it’s not your center-point.

Your heart sets the tone from which all else follows. I encourage you to dive in to the misty waters, stay open as you discover what moves you, and go for the gold. Always, always… go for the gold.

Why do YOU do what your do? I would love to hear about the purpose that fuels your business or creative project in the comments below. And if you’re not quite sure, let me know that too and we can brainstorm together!

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