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Nicki28 FBcrop 0713A Creative Start

I was destined to live a creative life. You see, at the tender age of 1 day, just moments after taking birth, my baby book identified me as “A Steinberger Production.” I’m sure this had everything to do with my father being in the entertainment industry. He was a dialogue director at ABC and later a Program Executive for Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch, and Vegas.

I was born and raised in an upper middle class suburb in Los Angeles, CA. My mother worked diligently as a kindergarten teacher for over three decades. She grounded the “practical” side of the family. My younger brother, Marc, was destined to be a major league baseball player. At least that’s what he thought in his early tee-ball years. He later took a stab at acting and then found his groove with directing documentaries.

Music Dreams

As a teenager I began playing guitar, singing, and writing songs. My creative spark started to burst wide open. I broke out of my shyness and was focused on a career in music. Yes, I was going to be a “rock star.” I had a following and a fantastic time leading two bands—Beautiful Green Skeletons and Merry-Go-Round in one small town—Santa Cruz, CA.

Farewell to Dad

Jump forward to 1996. My father became very ill. I noticed the enlarged lump on his neck on one of his frequent father-daughter visits from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz. Uh oh… sick cells, a move back to L.A., a goodbye to the band, and a death in the family at age thirty-one. My brother lost his father at the tender age of twenty-seven.

From 2002 to 2012, I owned and operated my first business—Soulful Bookkeeping. It was here I learned the ropes of early business-making, technical troubleshooting, and most importantly—effective client communication. I discovered that even though my business focused on bookkeeping, it wasn’t about numbers at all.

The heartbeat of my business centered around the relationships I built. After all, if you were placing your money in someone’s hands, wouldn’t you want a supreme level of trust and excellent communication? I’m sure you would and that’s exactly what my clients expected and received.

Graduate School… Felt like Forever

Life works in mysterious ways, you know. I would have never dreamed of living in Los Angeles again. After attempting a short-lived career in music (it was easier to be a big fish in a small pond in Santa Cruz), my gears were shifted to what became a ten-year career in graduate school.

I earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University Of Santa Monica (completing my Bachelor’s degree via testing during the first year), and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA. My doctoral dissertation drove me into a four-year research study on Discrimination Trauma Using Music as a Healing Modality.

Online Business & Marketing… Here I Come

Let’s just say that I got a bit antsy the last two years of grad school. Somehow through the grace of Goddess I found my way to the “online business & social media marketing portal.” Honestly I’m not sure how it happened because I wasn’t looking for it. As I started down that hamster trail, I became extremely curious and completely captivated. The possibilities rushed through my blood. I wentall in.”

It was then that I began my courses of training in online business, product development, social media marketing, WordPress, and business coaching. I studied with online mentors and ate up their teaching programs. I created my holistic health business – Dr. Nicki Steinberger. Having mastered the craft of writing, I began working as a freelance copywriter and editor.

So here I am today, two businesses strong. I am extremely grateful for my time freedom.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Creativity is at the heart of my thoughts, my decisions, and actions.

I love connecting with you—all of you who believe your visions are meant to come true. You must simply begin where you are and take your unique next step!

It’s time to begin,
Nicki Steinberger, Ph.D.